About Me

Who am I?
I am producing Electronic, Dance and House music
for almost one year
During this year I gained experience for
increasing the quality of the Songs
The Songs are produced in my home studio
where I use different Software like Logic
and Ommnisphere

Why Lightmar?

Maybe you are wondering why my Name is Lightmar.
What does it means?
Well, I was searching for a Name which will be memorable
And this name should stand for that what i'm doing
and for what my Music stands.

I was searching for the meaning of my Name
and find out that it means great and brighter.
And i thounght that this is a very coll Meaning
and i should take the beginning of my Name Mar(k)

Now i search for a Name or Word which stands for my Music.
I thought the word Light very cool.
I want to reach the people with my Music.
Light gives Peoples hope. And in this moment I know
my Name will be Lightmar because:

I want to reach the People like Light do it everyday.
People are happier when they see the Light.
And so I will make the people happy with my music

So What means Lightmar?
I am the brighter and greater Light
I want to reach peoples hearts and want them
to have fun in their lifes and just to dance.
Dj Lightmar